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Q Do you have a brochure I can look at?

A A detailed brochure in PDF format can be downloaded from our website at anytime. If you would prefer we send you our brochure via e-mail please contact us.

Q How does a Mishloach Manos fundraiser work?

A Generally an organization distributes a checklist of members' names. Members then mark the names they want to send Mishloach Manos to and return the checklist to the fundraising administrator along with payment. Organizations usually charge about $3.00 per name, but may charge more or less or have a flat fee.

Q Why do I need special software to run a Mishloach Manos fundraiser if it is so simple?

A Running a Mishloach Manos fundraiser is not that simple. Running just a basic fundraiser can result in hours upon hours of data entry work. Data entry for a single order can take about 2 minutes. For an organization with 300 orders that will result in nearly 10 hours of data entry time! Also, when processing that many orders manually, an administrator is bound to make some errors. webManos eliminates both data entry and the error factor.

Q What is meant by 'Reciprocity'?

A Reciprocity allows members to give Mishloach Manos to anyone who specified them in an order. This is a highly desirable option as it can prevent potentially embarrassing situations among the members. Reciprocity is difficult to figure out manually. webManos generates reciprocity with the click of a button.

Q My organization administers a Mishloach Manos fundraiser using PC based software, what can webManos do differently?

A Usually PC based software is limited to one computer. This restricts the use of the software to a single administrator who is charged with the tedious task of data entry. webManos allows your members to enter their own orders. For those members who don't have web access, webManos allows multiple administrators in different locations to enter orders.

Q Does webManos really only cost $99.00?

A We have a sliding scale for pricing. If your organization has up to 100 members the cost for one season's use of webManos is $99.00. The Purim season typically starts 10 weeks before the holiday. The Purim season ends 10 weeks after the holiday to allow sufficient time to reconcile billing. Additional reconciliation time can be provided if necessary.
Below is our pricing for larger organizations:
101 to 200 members...$119.00 per season.
201 to 300 members...$159.00 per season.
301 to 400 members...$199.00 per season.
401 to 500 members...$249.00 per season.
501 to 600 members...$299.00 per season.
601 to 1,500 members...$349.00 per season.
For organizations greater than 1,500 members please call us at (9I7) 73I-8699.
The above fees include our time for seasonal setup and installation. There are no additional fees from us to use our software.
This is your bottom line.
NO licensing fee!
NO percentage fee!

Q Does webManos take a percentage of our revenue?

A ABSOLUTELY NOT! You will never pay webManos™ more than the amounts listed above. There is only ever one flat fee each season. Whether you have $10,000 in sales or $100,000 in sales - you still pay us one flat rate!

Q Do you offer any discounts?

A The above pricing amounts to approximately fifty cents per name. Considering the amount of time you might spend processing orders manually, you will see our price is absolutely worth it.
We offer a referral credit of 10% of a signed and paid-in-full licensing agreement to the referring organization, up to the price of the referring organization's own licensing agreement. With enough referrals, the potential exists for your organization to use the software for free. For example, your organization has 100 members and signs and pays-in-full for a $99.00 agreement. Your organization then refers two 650 member organizations and one 550 member organization each signing its own license agreement and paying-in-full the $349.00 or $299.00 fee as applicable. Your organization will be credited the full amount of its own licensing agreement bringing your cost to $0.00.
Contact webManos for more details.

Q webManos can help my organization generate considerable revenue. Can it be used during other times of the year?

A Absolutely! Printable cards and reciprocity allow for a variety of fundraisers. Consider a Rosh Hashanah greeting card program. A Shavuos flower exchange is another way for your organization to generate money. Ask about our discounts for licensing webManos for multiple holidays in the course of one year.

Q Is Mishloach Manos the same as Shalach Manos?

A Yes. The term Mishloach Manos is what is used in the book of Esther and literally means 'to send gifts'. The Sefardic pronunciation is Mishloach Manot. The terms Shalach Manos or Shlach Manos are the 'Yiddish' terms. The two words together are commonly used in English as a noun, as in the sentence 'We need to assemble the Shalach Manos baskets before Purim.' Shalach Manot and Shlach Manot would be the Sefardic pronunciation of the Yiddish terms.

Q What if I have other questions about webManos?

A Give us a call at (9I7) 73I-8699, email us at websales at webManos dot com, or use the contact form on our site. We are always happy to answers any additional questions you may have about webManos.
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