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webManos. Purim made easy.

Many synagogues, yeshivas, and other Jewish organizations run an annual Mishloach Manos fundraiser. This Purim time fundraiser consistently proved to be tedious, time consuming, and error-prone. It involved mailing out checklists, collecting the forms, compiling the data, and producing lists to be attached to the Mishloach Manos baskets. But not anymore. webManos is Purim made easy.

How easy is it?

Our web-based Purim Software / Mishloach Manos Software enables your organization's members to enter their own orders, reducing your time spent on fundraising data entry, as well as the error-factor, to zero. All you need to do is arrange for the Mishloach Manos packages.

Here are just a few features of webManos...

  • It is easy to use. If you found this page on the web, you have all the knowledge you need to begin using webManos to run your Mishloach Manos fundraiser.
  • Your organization's members place their orders online at their convenience. Orders for members without web access can be entered by an administrator.
  • You choose your own options and pricing.
  • Optional reciprocity is processed on-demand.
  • Members may choose to pay online and your billing records are automatically updated.
  • Produce packing lists with customizable messages.
  • Let your members send to others not on your membership list. - A feature with unlimited revenue potential!
  • The software is always hosted on our site. Your organization does not need its own website and there is no software to download.
  • SSL Encrypted Site - To help keep your organization's data secure.
  • webManos is unbelievably affordable! Agreements start at $99.00.
  • Absolutely no revenue based fees from webManos™! Your organization keeps what it earns!

If your organization would like to start running a Mishloach Manos fundraiser, or wants to bring its existing fundraiser online contact webManos today!
A product of Kramerica Industries, LLC.
Providing web applications to synagogues and other organizations since I999.
For more information contact webManos™ of Kramerica Industries, LLC
at (9I7) 73I-8699 or websales @ webmanos . com .

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